Production versus Participation 3 years ago

Why separate production and participation when evaluating collaborative work practices?

Social collaboration has been the great revolution from 2005 on what we called Enterprise 2.0. But most of the enterprise social networks (ESN) are not working or with very few active people. Why? Because the main activity of the people in a company is not to « socialize » through digital environment, is to produce information on files, documents, etc. And this is not done through ESN and cannot be done, even if a lot of ESN tried to bring this feature. So it’s why it’s necessary to put collaborative production at the center of the adoption path for new collaborative work practices.

I’m telling this since 2000: the major revolution of digital collaboration is to bring web-based MS Office services allowing co-edition of documents, it means to produce concurrently information by several people in the same document, even at the same moment if necessary, without no barrier. Co-edition!

Co-edition is very different from what you do in a ESN, and skills are not the same. In ESN you react at what others are writing. This is “participation”, you are not co-building with them the same post.

It’s why we monitor both dimensions in Collaboration IndeX to compute the index.

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