Why is it so difficult to change digital work practices? 3 years ago

There are 4 negative behaviors to address when trying to make adopt collaboration work practices:
  • aggression: people don’t understand why you are obligating them to change their habits. They are working like this (email and files) for many years, they feel confident and productive, and they don’t see any reason to change. So they feel attacked when they receive collaborative calls to action from their colleagues
  • Waste of time:  even if people try to follow recommendations, the first result is waste of time, because they are usually managing simultaneously previous work practices on some files and new ones on other documents. And sometimes duplicating both to try to be efficient. But it is worse than before in fact.
  • Annoyance: People receive a lot of invitations to documents created in the new collaborative environment. But these documents are imposed on them, and they are not classified like they would like. So when they need to retrieve them, they don’t know where to look, and most of the time they are looking to the invitation email! So they are really annoyed by all these and don’t understand the benefits
  • Loss of control: people are used to organizing their files on their own. In a collaborative environment, to be really efficient, you need to adopt a collective organization of your files. This is a real problem for most of the people, they cannot accept this, they have the feeling to lose control and be dependent on the other people.
So you understand now better why it is so difficult to change digital work practices!!

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