Do you use G Suite, Office 365 or Slack in your company? Do you want to improve change management process?

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Collaboration IndeX is a GDPR-by-design service
and ensures your complete personal data privacy.

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CIX offers a complete set of graphical data’s representations and their progress over time, facilitating the reading of individual and collective positions, objectives and progressions. This comprehensive collection of decision-making tools for individuals, teams and organizations helps to perfectly identify and target progress actions to be suggested and implemented..


The CIX ™ Collaborative Index is the value of individual and collective collaborative activities and behavior. Individual, it is personal and is exclusively known only by the individual for whom it was calculated; Collective, it is aggregated and benchmarked with Collaboration IndeX community.

Based on the concept of the Quantified Selfparadigm, the automated and factual measurement is based on an analysis of digital collaborative behaviors. Also based on a new academic and operational typology of collaborative activities, it uses a complex algorithm mobilizing more than 70 variables of activities and behaviors.

The “intelligent” recommendations engine is based on a thorough analysis of activities and progression situations to suggest customized best practices to each other according to his / her profile and the organization’s objectives.

CIX is an empowerment tool for helping people to become more effective and autonomous, on daily tasks ; it consolidates and accelerates the adoption of collaborative practices, individual and collective efficiencies, and at last organizational performance.

CIX is a virtual coach.

CIX is a communication platform allowing to disseminate  contextualized and customized recommendations to people targeted categories, segmented by index levels, as well as a dozen additional criteria that respect the anonymity of the users.

Features for up to 20 users

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Number of users : up to 20

All features of the Team 20 Edition free for 30 days


Features for small teams or startups

[vsc-product-pricing product_buy_link=”” product_title=”TEAM 20″ product_period=”Monthly” product_currency=”€” product_price=”49″]

Number of users : from 1 to 20

Basic connectors (Office 365, Yammer, Google Suite, Slack, …)

Teams Management

Directory Synchronization

Enterprise Dashboard

Virtual Coach

Create your own recommendations

Skills Certificates for Everyone


Features for medium teams or small companies

[vsc-product-pricing product_buy_link=”” product_title=”TEAM 50″ product_period=”Monthly” product_currency=”€” product_price=”149″]

Number of users : from 21 to 50

Common features with TEAM 20


Advanced connectors


After trial period, if you don’t upgrade to a paid service, monitoring mode remains available up to 500 people, refreshed weekly

Features for small companies or large teams

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Number of users : from 51 to 200

Common features with TEAM 20


Advanced connectors


Features for medium companies

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Number of users : from 201 to 500

Common features with TEAM 20


Advanced connectors


Full features for large companies

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Number of users : Unlimited

Common features


Advanced connectors

Connectors development

Roadmap access

New features request

Webinars & advanced support

24 / 7 Support


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Collaboration IndeX  ensures security and strict confidentiality of the personal data collected and processed.

Following privacy-by-design GDPR European rules, all companies and employees using Collaboration IndeX are strictly secured that there data will never never be used for any other purpose than to compute their own index, and that all data processed is always anonymized by Collaboration IndeX.

Data collection, processing and hosting are carried out exclusively by Kimind© and no other third party.

The data produced by Collaboration Index ™ is exclusively known by the user, including for professional and collective use.





+33 1 75 43 82 33


[vsc-team-member-new name=”Miguel Membrado” position=”CEO” description=”Kimind founder and creator of GCD! and CIX, Digital Transformation & Collaboration Expert.Startups: ErgoSum, Mayetic, Netcipia, Kimind” photo=”5298″ twitter=”membrado” linked_in=””]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Marie Khayat” position=”CMO” description=”Marie is in charge of business development and marketing, CIX communication director Former: Director at ATOS, SEMA Group Startups: Soleilles Cowork” photo=”4865″]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Eric Mathieu” position=”CTO” description=”Software and big data architecture, CIX project manager.Startups: Portaneo Former: Director at Smile” photo=”5126″ linked_in=””]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”François Gauchenot” position=”Senior consultant” description=”Collaboration and Management Expert, in charge of recommendation platform.Former: Citibank, Bruxelles Lambert.Founder: Saint George Institute” photo=”4606″]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Bernard Lombardo” position=”Senior consultant” description=”B is a change management and social visibility expert who has supported a PhD thesis on digital collaboration in which CIX and the method Get Collaboration Done! are the central focus of study” photo=”4587″ twitter=”@LombardoBernard” linked_in=”” google_plus=”″]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Mathieu Membrado” position=”Customer Success Manager” description=”Expert in digital transformation and change management, Get Collaboration Done! certified expert. Previously: CTO @Alt-tab, Multimedia Manager @Cellectis, … ” photo=”5041″ twitter=”mamembrado” linked_in=””]

Kimind consultants and CIX development partners are project managers, functional and technical analysts, developers, digital collaboration practitioners, experts in change management and digital transformation. They are mostly founders or contributors to the 2.0 enterprise paradigm. The approach aims to facilitate the adoption of new forms of collaborative work. Kimind helps individuals and organizations to reach higher individual and collective efficiency, to improve performances.

Paris Office

SAS Kimind
17 rue du Colisée
75008 Paris France
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Kimind Inc.
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Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA
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Groupe Kimind Inc.
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