84% of users from collaborative suite are not taking advantage of it 3 years ago

Today we are delivering the first analysis extracted from the level reached by Collaboration IndeX customers and users. Few months ago, we launched the possibilité to benchmark your own company index distribution with the one of all CIX customers aggregated. Very useful to understand how you compare with the market. Totally confidential of course.

Today we publish here the result of this analysis dated from Aug 31, 2018. This result is also cross platform, because our customers are using G Suite, Office 365 or Slack, and index is calculated no matter the platform, it really evealute real digital collaboration skills.

  • Index 1: 9%
  • Index 2: 5%
  • Index 3: 46%
  • Index 4: 25%
  • Index 5: 11.5%
  • Index 6: 4%
  • Index 7: 1.1%
  • Index 8: 0.3%
  • Index 9: 0.1%
  • Index 10: 0%

Here are some explanations:

  • 9% at index 1: they are using only email and file attachements and are not even involved in collaborative actions initiated by others…;
  • 46% at index 3: they have learnt to initiate collaboration, but they don’t know how to structure it and take real profit of it. In fact they are still not really saving time using collaborative tools;
  • only 15% have index 5 or more, with less than 1% of the people reaching level 8 and 9. Nobody at 10.

If we sum all users having less than index 5, we reach 84%. It means that 84% of the users of collaborative suites monitored by Collaboration IndeX (160.000 users currently) don’t know to take full advantage of a collaborative suite, because they are not involved in the process of structuring their workspace to become digitally efficient.

These results are showing how far we still are from a global adoption of the collaborative work practices! We’ll update regularly these results in the next months.

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