Collaboration IndeX versus Microsoft Productivity Score

Now that Microsoft has launched (oct. 2020) its Productivity Score service, for the first time we have a competitor, and the legitimacy of our field of research and application is on its way.

Our private-by-design Collaboration IndeX platform launched on may 2016, after several years of research by experts on the digital collaboration domain, and we have consolidated a lot of value and features all over these years following customers feedbacks on the field.

Collaboration Index is based on a behavioral approach…

The main difference between Productivity Score and Collaboration IndeX is that Microsoft’s score is based on an analytics approach (quantitative), where Collaboration IndeX is based on a behavioral approach (qualitative). This allows Collaboration IndeX to be much more accurate and to deliver to the end user a true added value about his/her digital collaboration skills and his/her adoption journey.

…which allows to deliver collaboration skills certificates…

Thanks to this behavioral approach, Collaboration IndeX can position every employee in the adoption path of skills acquisition, and deliver collaboration skills certificates after six months of usage. Our final goal is to empower people by letting them publish their certificates to their LinkeIn profile, and improve their employability ratio.

…with a strict respect of privacy (GDPR) and confidentiality

Another difference is that Collaboration IndeX “score” is strictly private and confidential, no one, neither managers nor IT admins can know the collaboration index of an employee. It’s all about empowering people building trust, not tracking them! Even followed teams can be set to have a minimum of people in the group to be sure that nobody can guess an individual value.

Collaboration IndeX is fully committed about the privacy and the confidentiality of what we deliver, and we are completely transparents about our outputs. 

Here is a quick benchmark relative to the features of Collaboration IndeX and Microsoft Productivity Score

Benchmark Collaboration IndeX and Productivity Score

Benchmark Collaboration IndeX and Microsoft Productivity Score