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Press Release July 2017


Collaboration Index, CIX, is a Change Management and Digital Empowerment cloud platform, based on a unique “quantified self” approach, providing confidential feedback  & personal dashboards to each individual, with gamification features. CIX is today the only solution available to unlock the full digital power of ALL employees, regardless of the organisation’s size and location.

Why Collaboration Index?

➮ Usual Change Management actions based on support and consulting are limited, expensive, and cannot address very large numbers of employees.

➮ The common model based on champions + trainings or e-learning will never reach ALL employees with the powerful and timely messages offered by CIX

➮ CIX enables massive adoption of cloud collaboration suites like G Suite, Office 365, Smartsheet, Yammer and Slack, and a lot more planned in the roadmap

➮ Thanks to CIX and its innovative quantified self approach :

Ingredients of Collaboration Index:

Groundbreaking innovation on two levels

  1. Individual Coaching employee centric 
    • Collaboration Index™ measures in real time the actual digital skills and adoption level of each individual, with a daily comprehensive analysis of his/her activities and interactions within the major collaboration platforms (G Suite, Office 365, …)
    • A virtual coach sends daily targeted recommendations to each person, based on actual activity and performance level, to help improve digital skills in own rythm.

Each employee receives this information daily on a strictly confidential basis. This is the first time the «quantified self » approach is being applied to the corporate world,  integrating motivating playful emulation, challenges and benchmarking.


  1. Monitoring for the benefit of the organisation :
    • Team dashboards, department dashboards and country/area dashboards provide comparative measurement of groups skills and adoption progress at all times
    • CIX can be used as a communication platform for targeting fine tuned training and change management messages, adapted to specific skills or usage categories. (Best practices, use cases, e-learning, etc.)



R&D partnership with the “Information Sciences Research Laboratory of the University Paris 8”  

SaaS, compatible with all major digital collaboration platforms: Office 365, G Suite, Yammer, Slack, SmartSheet …

Available in self-service from the market places :
Google G Suite et Office 365 AppSource

Multi devices:


Ethics and values:



They are using Collaboration Index:

Solvay, Veolia, Université Dauphine, Mandarine Academy, Julhiet Sterwen

Feedback from clients:

➮ “A new level of awareness, everyday, for each employee”
➮ “A great challenge among users with the gamification of the change management process”
➮ “A tool to communicate with large but precisely targeted audiences, according to their actual skill levels (communication on best practices, training sessions and tools, etc.)
➮ “An educative approach which already has shown achievements in digital collaborative usage improvement.”

➮ “A 40% improvement of the adoption rate in less than 3 months”

➮ “The management committee was taken in on the challenge, and went from last to first rank in less than 2 months”

➮ “A change management method based on the “nudge”, progressing over time by small steps


Short video clip presentation


About Kimind

Kimind, based in Paris, Montreal and Palo Alto, has been for years a change management reference player, especially active in promoting digital collaboration adoption and development. Kimind started in 2008 to support French and international corporations in their digital transformation journey and cloud services, helping employees embrace change

Kimind is editor of Collaboration IndeX™, the first Quantified Self corporate platform to improve digital collaboration skills of each employee, and to monitor good practice adoption on a large scale.


Kimind promise to corporates with Collaboration IndeX™ is to increase digital collaborative skills and performance at individual and global level, on a large scale, through efficient use of the new generation of social and collaboration cloud platforms like G Suite or Office 365.


Collaboration IndeX™ is:

    ➢ A unique SAAS platform service, user oriented with gamification features

   ➢ The certainty to reach each and every employee to improve their skills and achieve their digital empowerment

    ➢ A best of breed change management method to foster new ways of digital working

    ➢ A profound knowledge of cultural challenges and obstacles to personal adoption

    ➢ A perfect understanding of technologies and their ability to improve performance by practice and action learning


⇒ Partners

Google, Microsoft, Mandarine Academy, Julhiet Sterwen, Nelite, Cyres Group, Econocom

⇒ Customers

Solvay, Veolia, City of Vincennes, Valeo Group, World Bank, Lisi Aerospace, Mondadori France, Agbar Suez, SGD Group, University of Paris Dauphine, CIEP, …



Marie KHAYAT, Marketing Director Tel : +33 1 75 43 82 33

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Marie KHAYAT, Marketing & Business Development,  

Miguel MEMBRADO, Collaboration IndeX CEO,

Tel : +33 1 75 43 82 33